Single or Double shot of Americano with caffeine less than 1.5%
Double shot of espresso and milk.
Traditionally prepared with espresso, hot milk, and steamed-milk foam.
Espresso, milk, white chocolate cream and topped with whipped cream and meringues.
Double shots of Americano Espresso.
Single or double shot of espresso with caffeine less than 1.5%
Espresso & Whipped Cream
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Espresso, milk, Gianduio cream and Hazelnut cream topped with whipped cream.
Double shot of espresso, milk, hot chocolate & chocolate powder.
Double shot of espresso with milk and hot chocolate. Topped with whipped cream and chocolate powder.
Espresso with milk, dash of hot chocolate and topped with chocolate powder.
Espresso with milk and topped with chocolate powder.
Espresso with milk and hot chocolate served with chocolate powder topping.
Shot of espresso, milk and chocolate powder topped with caramel topping.
Iced and creamed coffee with chocolate toppings.
Iced cream coffee served with amaretto topping and biscuits.
Serving of Iced Cream Coffee served with light milk and chocolate topping.