Espresso and milk served in Ice topped with Whipped cream, banana and chocolate topping.
A dash of espresso, confuso cream and topped with chocolate powder.
Espresso in ice with a dash of cane sugar
Decaffeinated espresso, milk, hot chocolate and confuso cream with a dash of smarties toppings.
Espresso served with confuso cream and caramel. Topped with Amaretti biscuits.
Espresso, confuso cream and chocolate powder served with chocolate topping.
Double shots of Espresso, Vanilla Ice Cream served together with Caramel Topping.
Espresso, milk, cane sugar in ice. Topped with whip cream and caramel topping
Espresso, milk, ice, cane sugar together with confuso cream and topped with chocolate.
Double shot of Espresso together with milk & Ice.
Choose between Filtered Coffee or Double Shot of Americano served with Ice.
Double shot of espresso, milk, cold chocolate and ice!
Double shot of espresso with a blend of milk, cold chocolate, ice and topped with Caramel and whipped cream.
Hot chocolate with confuso cream, served together with amaretti biscuits
Hot chocolate with whipped cream together with amaretto topping & amaretti biscuits.
Hot Chocolate, Gianduia Cream served with hazenut crunch
Our special Hot Chocolate
A serving of hot chocolate topped with a dash of whipped cream.
Iced chocolate cream topped with Chocolate topping.
Iced chocolate cream with a mix of coconut and topped with chocolate topping.
Hot chocolate, whipped cream, vanilla topping & meringue.
Shot of Espresso with a mix of light milk and topped with Chocolate topping